August 13th, 2003

Affordable Internet Comes to Northern New Hampshire

MANCHESTER, New Hampshire, August 13, 2002 - G4 Communications, a Manchester, NH based, leading provider of Internet services in New England, has today announced a new residential Internet service will be offered in 6 New Hampshire towns and cities.

Some of the Northern New Hampshire residents will be connecting to G4's high-speed broadband network as early as late September this fall. G4 residential service offering will be limited up to 800kb download and 128kb upload speeds at a $49.95 monthly rate.

"There has not been any affordable broadband offerings over Laconia. Our new Residential Internet service will connect homes to the Internet at speeds which was not available before." said Gent Cav, President of G4 Communications. "Vitts started, and now we are finishing up." Cav added.

G4 Communications' Internet offering is in addition to their business class services, and T1 offerings which are being deployed to 24 New Hampshire towns and cities this summer.

Following towns and cities are scheduled for Residential Internet deployment in September 2002: Berlin, Concord, Hanover, Lebanon, Littleton, and Manchester.

G4 Communications currently offering special pricing for those whom order their Internet service before the end of August.

About G4 Communications

G4 Communications has been providing Internet services, including OC3, T3, T1, ISDN, wholesale Dial-up, VOIP digital phone systems, and hosting services since 1993. Currently, G4 service areas cover Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Rhode Island in New England. The company started as a local BBS (Bulletin Board Service) in Derry, NH called GIN in 1993, and evolved in to a full facilities based ISP. G4 Communications today, owns and operates other small local Internet Service Providers like Internet Authority, Metro2000, Seabreeze, Surfgate through acquisitions during past years. G4 also acquired a bankrupt local broadband provider, Vitts' networking assets last October, and recently assets from Advanced Radio Telekom, a Seattle based ex-broadband provider. Corporate headquarters is located at One Sundial Avenue, Manchester, NH 03103. Telephone: 1-888-840-4487 or (603) 625-0555. Web-Site:

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